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Now YOU Can Turn Your Next Content Marketing Campaign from Ho-Hum Into a Home Run!

What do winning content marketing campaigns have that other content marketing programs usually lack?

Dear Friend:

What do super-successful content marketing campaigns have that mediocre content marketing programs usually lack?

Both have content, so the answer to my question is NOT “good content.” It’s not difficult to create good content, and most campaigns have it.

The answer is that content marketing campaigns that are crushing it do so because they have great copy.

By copy, I’m talking about any text that sells the prospect on the free content and gets him to respond and request it. This includes copy for:

  • E-mail marketing messages.
  • E-newsletters.
  • Blog and social media posts.
  • Online ads.
  • Press releases.
  • White paper and other lead magnet titles.
  • Landing page copy.

The secret is to write all these using what master marketer Mark Ford calls “A-level” copy.

Most copy is B-level. That means competent, but nothing unusual or particularly engaging. The same old same old. Ho-hum.

A-level copy, by comparison, grabs the reader by the lapels and won’t let go. It compels him to read, respond, take action, and get your free content – and pre-sells him on reading it and buying what you are selling.

For instance, one campaign I did for a telecommunications firm used audio content dramatizing a huge problem that the firm’s customers had.

The campaign was written up in Direct Marketing magazine, won a Gold Echo award from the Direct Marketing Association, generated a 50% response rate, and produced sales of nearly $6 million in just a few weeks.

Take your content marketing from B-level to A-level

In my new video course Secrets of Successful Content Marketing, I reveal my proven formula for turning ho-hum content marketing into home-run content marketing.

In the first video, you will discover:

  • The 3-components of A-level copy – and how to write it every time.
  • The ideal content-to-sales ratio for sending e-mails to your house e-list.
  • 2 incredibly effective content marketing tactics: how-to tips and storytelling – and how to use each.
  • An easy shortcut to using existing content in your marketing: “enhanced” content curation.
  • A proven formula for generating low-cost leads for B2B offers with online advertising.
  • How to generate sales leads, not just downloads, from the landing page offering your free content.
  • 6 ways content can help improve your marketing results.
  • Why good content is NOT “information.” Here’s what great content really is.
  • Why content marketing influences almost 9 out of 10 B2B prospects in certain niches.
  • How to “adjust” your copy so you have 10X more response than you are getting now.
  • A content marketing campaign from Steve Jobs that generated 5,455% ROI.
  • What I learned about content marketing from David Koch of the billionaire Koch brothers (he once was my boss).
  • How to tell an engaging story in your sales copy.
  • How to write how-to tips your prospects will love.
  • How to write copy that appeals to the prospect’s core emotions.
  • Delivering useful content with a landing page “freemium.”
  • An online B2B content marketing campaign that produced leads for only $10 per inquiry.
  • How to design a winning landing page for content offers.
  • 10 great topics for your next white paper or special report.
  • Why you should NOT call your lead magnet a “white paper) – and 8 things to call it instead.
  • 6 formulas for titling your bait piece.
  • Using a “content matrix” for planning your content marketing strategy.
  • How to write a “tip sheet” quickly and easily.
  • The FAQ format for organizing a lead magnet.
  • 7-part outline for your next white paper.
  • 8 types of visuals that can enhance the quality and graphic appeal of your lead magnets.
  • How to produce content that appeals to the 4 modes of learning.
  • 30 different content formats you can choose from.
  • How Radio Shack used comic books to sell computers.
  • The 6 characteristics of high-response offers.
  • Promoting your content with free publicity.
  • And more….

Next, the second video in the program focuses on how to come up with good marketing ideas, especially for content marketing.

We discuss a 5-step process used for decades by top advertising professionals to originate creative campaigns that win consumer attention and sales.

You also get an audio recording of me discussing content marketing with top marketing guru Jim Blasingame on his radio show The Advertising Show. We show you why content marketing is so hot today, but also why content alone can’t close many sales – and what else you need to generate leads and orders by the truckload.

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